Materials used in automotive applications must meet a wide range of requirements for specific functionality, low emission and fire performance.

E-vehicles and buses need flame retarded materials meeting increasingly higher fire safety requirements than in the past.

LANXESS offers a wide range of flame retardants that enable such materials to meet these fire safety requirements. Levagard® TP LXS 51114 and Levagard® 3000 are flame retardants developed for flexible PU foams and used in automotive applications to follow industry trends toward lower emissions. Disflamoll® DPK and Disflamoll® 51092 are effective flame retardants for cables (e.g. TPU-based) used in automotive applications. Brominated flame retardants are especially used in automotive parts made of engineering thermoplastics. This includes Uniplex FRP 64 and PDBS-80 for connectors made of polyamides as well as  BC-52 and BC-58 for polybutylene terephthalate based connectors.

Levagard® TP LXS 51135 is not displayed in the technical data sheets list.