Connectors are ubiquitous in today’s super-charged growth of electronic devices. They are critical for the proper and reliable functioning of computers, notebooks, televisions, mobile phones, electrical appliances, games, and all devices that enable “smart” technology. They are present in virtually every electrical and electronic device we use and encounter every day, and are most recognizable as USB and HDMI ports enabling critical connection to external devices such as printers, monitors, TVs, and docking stations, for example.

Because electrical and electronic devices are so pervasive in our lives and because these devices are becoming smaller and more high-powered, it is imperative that flame retardants be used for fire safety if malfunctions were to occur.

LANXESS offers several brominated flame retardants for use in engineering thermoplastics, which are widely employed as resins for connectors: polyamides like PA-66, PA-6, high temperature PA, as well as polyesters such as PBT and PET. Those for polyamides include PDBS-80, Firemaster® PBS-64W, Firemaster® CP-44F and Uniplex FRP 64, while those for polyesters include BC-52 and BC-58.